Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Valentia Island Triathlon (Duathlon)

My legs are on the way to recovery after Valentia last weekend. The race ended up being a 3k, 20k, 5k Duathlon. There was talk of the water being too cold or too choppy / windy or currents too strong etc, so the end the swim was cancelled. The race started in 5 waves of around 100, the conditions were windy and dry, the course mostly flat for the first 3k run. I managed to keep a good pace for this leg, 10:51 for 3k. Then I picked up my bike and begun the cycle. 4.5 k uphill into a good headwind meant I had a slow start to the course. A good few riders passed me on the ascent. Once at the top of the island we were exposed to the elements and a 5k flat / decent begun. This was quick and hairy as there were strong gusts blowing. My bike felt like a leaf in the wind. I picked off most of the riders that passed me earlier in this segment. There were a couple of tight turns to contend with on the far side of the island but nothing too bad. On the return part of the course we had a tail wind and I really hammered home here finishing the course in 33.02. Happy with that I started into the run, it was a difficult out and back course, 2.5 k uphill and then 2.5 back down. Around the 2.5 k mark I got a severe stitch which lasted until the end of the race so this slowed me up quite a bit. On returning to the village my friends were doing a great job of supporting, pint in hand of course. I managed to get over the line in 1:07:00 which I was delighted with. I was also happy that I could now go for food and to the pub. Good prep for next week in the N.A.C.

Race No :50
Gender :Male
Category :Ages 25 - 29
Status :Finished
Club :Activ Multisport

Run 1
Run 2
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