Monday, 6 May 2013

Tapering for Valentia (Training Week 07/05/13)

I had a good week of training last week, I pushed myself hard and feel I am stronger for it. I completed my first Duathlon last Wednesday in the Phoenix Park too. It was a great experience and will definitely be doing it again. It's good to get the guys from the club out on a sunny evening midweek! The next one is on Wednesday the 5th of June so if I'm able after Tri Athy I'll be there. This Saturday I will be in Valentia for the sprint triathlon. I'm hoping to do a decent race as I have been putting in a good bit of effort. My training this week is pretty easy from Monday onwards. I'm hoping this constitutes a good taper but I'm not 100% sure, so any tips on pre race training / tapering are welcome.

Monday: Strength and conditioning 45minutes.
Swimming with Activ Multisport in N.A.C. Swim Sets 2000 m+

Tuesday: 60 mins stretching, conditioning and foam rolling.

Swim: Open water, 20 minutes. Include 4 x 30 stroke bursts.

Wednesday: Brick Session: 45 minutes. Bike: WU, 15 mins spinning easy gear. Main Set, 5 x 30 sec sprint with 3 minute recovery.  Run: 5 mins moderate pace, then, 4 x 30 second fast with 2 minute recovery. 5 minute warm down. 50 mins stretching, conditioning and foam rolling.

Thursday: Swim: WU, 200 moderate pace focusing on technique, Main set. 5 x 100 m fast with 2 minutes recovery. Warm down with 200m of drills.

Friday: Swim. Open water 10 minutes easy pace with 3 x 20 second fast bursts . Bike 10 minutes easy with 3 x 20 second fast bursts. Run 10 minutes with 3 x 20 second fast bursts.

Sat: Race time in Valentia!

Sun: Hangover

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