Friday, 25 January 2013

Rusty Chainset

Today I take the bike from the shed. Going to have nice a cycle I think. Nope, I'm greeted by a rusty chain and cassette. Ah nuts, how did this happen? The bike has only been in there a few days. It seems that the last day I was out, it was so wet the lube washed from the chain, I was also wet at the time so the I put the bike in the shed and went for a shower forgetting all about the bike. What to do? All I have is some dry weather wax lube (not sure what I was thinking living in Ireland) and some 3 in 1, which I hear people give out about, but sure its oil, and it's old school, which is cool.

So here's what I did.

1. Oiled up the chain and cassette

2. Ran the chain through a cloth a few times. I used a bit of an old t shirt.

3  Found an old nail brush and ran the cassette through it with some oil..

Finished job.

That's about it, the chain and cassette are clean and free from rust as far as I can see. Certainly a good enough job until I bring the bike in for it's next service. Now all I have to do is go for my spin!

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