Monday, 29 April 2013

Triathlon Training for Week 29/04/13

After Two good weeks of endurance training I feel like I have built some strength and confidence. My body is tired though so I will be reducing the mileage. I also have a Duathlon race this Wednesday in the Phoenix Park so I want to be rested for that. I'm hoping the Duathlon is enjoyable and will help to sharpen up my race fitness before the coming Triathlon season. I'm doing a Tri in Valentia in 2 weeks, so after Wednesday I'll be doing some shorter faster work to help with my speed. That's the plan anyway.

Swim: Sets with Activ Multisport, 2500m.
Stretching and foam rolling: 20 minutes.

Stretching and foam rolling: 1 hour.

Phoenix Park Duathlon
Stretching: 30 minutes.

Swim: WU 4 x 50 focusing on high elbow and keeping head still. MS. 25 x 50m off 1.10. WD 200m easy focusing on Rotation and breathing.
Stretching. 40 minutes.

Swim: 3 x 500m with snorkel, 3 mins rest. 1st 500 focus on kicking rythm. 2nd 500 on roataion and recovery. 3rd 500 on core engagement.
Bike: WU, 10k easy building to steady. MS, 4 hard efforts of: 1k uphill, 1k recovery, 4k mixed gradients, 1k recovery.
Stretching: 20 minutes.

Bike: 2 hours steady.
Strength work: 20 minutes.
Stretching and foam rolling: 40 minutes.

Run: WU, 3k easy. MS, 4 x hill repeats, 1k cool off, 4 x hill repeats. WD 2k easy.
Stretching: 40 minutes

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