Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Ski Italia!

I spent last Week in the Dolomite's in Italy enjoying the fresh snow. The locals reckoned half a metre or more fell on the first night, and that meant fun! We arrived Saturday night and were staying in a small hotel that’s literally ski in/ski out. This is the view from our window. The snow didn't bother us. We were here to ski.  And ski we did.

Once I arrived in the hotel I realised large quantities of lubrication would be essential to my activity on the slopes. I hear this stuff is good for joints etc.

Nutrition was also high on my list of priorities. It was essential to fuel my ski time adequately!

Here it appears Laura is playing with her pretend camera in the bottom of the shot. She breaks a lot of stuff!

8 o'clock ski lift, Jack Frost was still at large.

Some Mid-Day Posing.I have an epic face plant on the slope to the left later that day, serves me right.

From the chair lift.

Looking down on our hotel, The snow is deep and rough, apparently the slope is closed. They always put such small signs though :-)

Here's why. haha!

The aftermath!

Good day, Now to the apre's ski!

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