Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Triathlon Swim Session (Week 2)

My Swim training in the NAC with Activ Multisport this week was tough, especially on the triceps. The session was good for upper body and core strength. I wasn't too good at it myself as my legs sank quite a bit as I tired out. It's a good wake up call though and I'll just have to keep practising to get better. Using the snorkel is really great for focusing on keeping your head still while swimming, this is very important if you want to swim well. Enjoy!

Warm up
200m front crawl using snorkel
200m kicking with arms out in front using snorkel

Main set
Front Crawl with snorkel and legs crossed, 32 x 25m with 5 seconds rest. (Try to concentrate on stretching your body out straight on your glide and then getting a good long arm pull)

Warm down
Back crawl 100m

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