Sunday, 3 February 2013

Triathlon Training Plan For This Week 03/02/13

Great week's training completed last week. The following is my plan for this week, feel free to follow it or take bits from it. The sessions are all around 1 hour or a bit longer to make them practical to do. I'm off skiing on Saturday so the plan isn't heavy on the legs. I might add a 6 k run on Friday if I'm feeling fresh. You can add a brick session or a long cycle for the weekend if you want to finish it off. Enjoy  your week.

Monday: Swimming with Activ Multisport in N.A.C. Swim Sets 2000 m+

Tuesday: Run 45 mins easy, like light recovery. Include some skipping and bounding once warmed up. 25 mins stretching, conditioning and foam rolling.

Wednesday: Brick Session: 1 h 30 mins. Bike 50 mins. WU, 10 mins spinning easy gear. Main Set, 40 mins moderate to fast pace, focus on high cadence. Straight into Run. 25 mins. 5 mins easy, 20 steady. Make sure to control your form. 20 mins stretching, conditioning and foam rolling.

Thursday: Swim. WU, 250 easy, Main Set, Catch up drill x 200, High elbow/fingertip drag x 200, Swimming with fists x 200 Repeat twice. WD, 250 easy. 25 mins stretching, conditioning and foam rolling.

Friday: Swim. 1000 m recovery pace. Include an all out 25 m sprint at 400 m, 500 m, 600 m and 700 m.

Sat: Ski time in Italia!

Sun: :-)

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