Sunday, 14 April 2013

Triathlon Training for this Week (15 April)

Strength and basic aerobic endurance are on my training schedule for the next two weeks. Most of my sessions are straight swims or cycles, no fancy trickery or drills. The pace is steady so as to keep my injury risk down. My goal is to go back to basics and build core strength and stamina through longer sessions. Week 2 will have longer sessions than week 1. I will bring back my speed work and drills once these two weeks are finished.

Bike: 15 minute warm up. Hill Repeats, 8 x 800m climbs, fast up, recovery down. WD 10 mins easy gear.
Stretching and foam rolling: 25 minutes.
Swim: Sets with Activ Multisport, 2500m.

Swim: 2 sets of breathing every 3,5,7,9 strokes, 50m each. 2000m steady.
Run: 10k recovery pace.
Stretching and foam rolling: 25 minutes.

Brick, Cycle 70k steady. Run 2k.
Strength work 25 minutes.
Stretching: 25 minutes.

Swim: 2000m steady,
Run 10k with hills steady pace.
Stretching. 40 minutes.

Swimming: 1500m steady.
Strength work 25 minutes.
Stretching 15 minutes.

Strength work 40 minutes.
Stretching and foam rolling 40 minutes.

Cycle 90k steady pace.
Stretching: 45 minutes

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