Monday, 1 April 2013

Triathlon Training (April 01st)

My first race of 2013 is this Saturday, Tri Laois. Thank God it's a pool swim. I'm hoping, really hoping that this cold weather goes away before then. A 20k cycle in a wet tri suit at 1 or 2 degrees is not good. The last few weeks of training were hard enough, I can feel my body getting tired. I can even feel a drop in power and energy so I reckon it's time to rest up a little. Today was the perfect start to my rest as I forgot my Monday swim session was on early because of the bank holiday, I missed it. Rest over! Not really, I will have less sessions this week and generally try to keep them good quality and short. Here is my week.

Stretching and foam rolling: 50 minutes.

Run: 5k easy. Include 1k at race pace.
Stretching: 30 minutes.
Physical Therapist 45 minutes
Swim: 500m race pace. 20 minutes of drills, working on rotation, kicking and recovery.

Brick: Bike, WU 3k easy, MS 9k fast, Run 1k easy, 1k fast, 1k easy.
Stretching and foam rolling. 45 minutes.

Swim: 500m at medium pace, Include 5 x 25m sprints
Stretching. 20 minutes.
Cycle 7k fast

Swimming: 500m with snorkel.

Run: 3k moderate pace, include 3 x 30 second pick ups.
Stretching and foam rolling, 30 minutes.

Sprint Triathlon
Stretching: 45 minutes

Recovery run or swim. I'll see how I'm feeling!

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