Monday, 25 March 2013

This Week's Triathlon Training (March 25th)

After a week of ridiculously wet and cold weather I'm glad to say I got nearly all of my sessions done, the only one that got away was Saturday's brick session which had to cut short due to risk of frost bite! I'm also lucky enough to be off work for two weeks now so I'm ramping up my training, just a little. This week the focus is on building speed and staying not injured at the same time as I have a race on April 06th. That's why there is a big emphasis on Stretching. This is my last week of intense training before I taper off next week for the race. Any thoughts or comments welcome!
Run: 5k medium pace, 5k race pace.
Stretching and foam rolling: 40 minutes.
Swimming with Activ Multisport in the N.A.C. Swim Sets 2500 m+

Cycle: WU 2k easy, MS 20k fast pace. WD 2k easy.
Stretching: 20 minutes.
Swim: 30 minutes of drills, working on rotation, kicking and recovery.

Run: 5k easy.
Stretching: 15 minutes.
Swim:1000m easy.

Brick: Bike, WU 7k easy, MS 5 x 2k intervals with 3 minutes rest, 7k easy. Run 2k medium pace, 5x 200m intervals with 1 minute rest, WD 2k easy. 
Stretching and foam rolling. 40 minutes.

Swimming: WU 400m easy focusing on technique. MS, 8 x 200m fast pace with 90 seconds rest. WD, 200m easy.

Brick: Bike, WU 2k easy, MS 3 x 7k fast with 3 minutes active recovery, Run 6k easy. 
Stretching and foam rolling: 40 minutes.

Run: Tri Club session, approx 1 hour of speed work sets.
Swim: 1000m recovery swim.
Stretching and foam rolling: 40 minutes.

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  1. Well done on your training, it looks like it's going good. Good luck with your season!