Monday, 4 March 2013

Triathlon Training for this week, March 04th

After a Weekend that can only be described as a write off, I have to pick myself back up and get some good training in. It's not easy sticking to training over Weekend's when there's a lot going on. I think however, that if your going to miss training for a party or whatever other reason, you might as well enjoy it. Party properly. That way, you'll be more motivated on Monday knowing you blew off some steam. Like I am now. Right, back to work. Here's an easy week's training to recharge the body.
Monday: Swimming with Activ Multisport in the N.A.C. Swim Sets 2500 m+

Tuesday: Strength and stretching work, 45 mins.

Wednesday: Brick Session: Race simulation, Cycle 40 k in the phoenix Park race pace straight into 10 k run. 20 mins stretching.

Thursday: Rest Day

Friday: Swim 2000 m easy. Focus on swimming slow with good technique.

Sat: Bike 3 hours. Cycle to Blessington. Relaxed pace.

Sun: Run 1 hour +, Sunday Morning Run session with Activ Multisport, focusing on speed work. 20 mins stretching and foam rolling.

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