Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Triathlon Training for This Week (March 18th)

Swim training and brick sessions are priority this week. I have a race coming up on April 06th so I want to put an extra bike and run session together to get the legs more used to running off the bike. I'm keeping the mileage low enough and separating the sessions by a couple of days to reduce the risk of getting injured. Sunday session is optional, based on how the body is after Saturday. Here is what the plan looks like. Any ideas or tips appreciated.

Monday: Swimming with Activ Multisport in the N.A.C. Swim Sets 2500 m+

Tuesday: Swim 2100m. WU, 300m easy, focus on nice easy strokes maintaining good technique and breathing. Main Set, 250m pull buoy, 200m kick, 150m pull buoy, 100m kick, 50 m pullbuoy, Repeat Twice. WD, Repeat WU.

Wednesday: Brick Session: WU, 5 minutes spinning easy gear. Main Set, Cycle 30k, Race Pace. Straight into 6 k run, relaxed to medium pace. 30 mins stretching and foam rolling.

Thursday: Swim 1500m Recovery pace.

Friday: Swim 2000 m. WU, 200 m easy. Main Set, 16 x 100 m fast with 30 seconds rest. WD, 200 m easy.

Sat: Repeat Wednesdays Training

Sun: Run 1 hour +. All on hilly trails. WU, 2 k easy. Main Set, 6 x 1000 m fast with 2 mins rest. WD 2 k comfortable. 20 mins stretching.

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